God is on the move at Huffman Baptist Church. Henry Blackaby reminded us in Experiencing God that God is always at work around us. Our task is to discover what God is doing and then join Him. Spending time with God in His word is foundational to our ability to discover His activity.

Consequently, we have committed to…

1. Pray – Every morning at 7:00 AM we pray for Huffman Baptist Church.

2. Read the Bible – We read one chapter (or one portion of one chapter) from the Old Testament every day (Monday – Friday).

As we read we are asking God to show us if there is a…

  • Sin that we need to confess.
  • Promise that we need to claim.
  • Attitude that we need to adjust.
  • Commandment that we need to obey.
  • Example that we need to follow.

Here is the reading plan for the next few weeks:

Week of…