God’s vision for Huffman Baptist has been unfolding for more than a century. The Next Chapter is a continuation of this ongoing story.

In this Next Chapter we will become a family of churches who are sending transformed people to make Jesus known across the street and around the world.

Let’s break that down…

  • We will become – Nothing happens in the church apart from the power of the Holy Spirit.
    • By 2025 we will engage 200 church members in weekly corporate prayer for Huffman Baptist Church.
  • A family of churches – We can not do the work of the Kingdom by ourselves. It takes partnerships. God has given us incredible resources – these buildings and our location. We must figure out how to leverage those for the Kingdom. And the best way to do that is through partnerships with other like-minded churches. Some will meet within these buildings. Others will not.
    • By 2025 we will become a family of five churches through church planting, fostering, and/or adopting partnerships.
      • Church planting is starting a new church.
      • Fostering is coming alongside an existing church that needs help.
      • Adoption is incorporating an existing church as a separate campus or venue.
  • Sending – J.D. Greear, current SBC president, says that our sending capacity is far more significant than our seating capacity. The Lord has created us to be sent. To go. We believe that if we will focus on our sending capacity, God will take care of our seating capacity!
    • By 2025 we will engage 200 church members in direct ministry to our neighborhood. Fall Festival, Adopt a Station, etc. (SS classes partnering with Home School group, sports teams from schools, etc.).
    • By 2025 we will engage 50 church members on mission trips outside of Northeast Birmingham.
  • Transformed people – According to Lifeway Research, the number one indicator of spiritual growth is ongoing and regular engagement with Scripture. We are talking here about discipleship. The process of becoming more like Jesus.
    • By 2025 we will engage 200 church members in daily prayer and Bible reading.
    • By 2025 we will engage 200 church members in Sunday School and worship participation.
    • By 2025 we will shepherd every member of Huffman Baptist Church.
  • Making Jesus known – This is not about building HBC. This is about the gospel. If we will focus on making Jesus known, sharing our faith regularly and making disciples, then Jesus will build his church according to his design.
    • By 2025 we will equip and engage 200 church members in sharing their faith in Jesus with someone.
  • Across the street – Our mission field starts right outside our doors. It’s across the street from 700 Huffman Road. And across the street from 1224 Old Oak Circle, or 1225 Edinborough Ln. Our mission field starts across the street.
    • By 2025 we will establish partnerships with five ministries that are focused on meeting the needs of people in Northeast Birmingham.
  • Around the world – This is not an either/or proposition. We must have a global vision of making Jesus known.
    • By 2025 we will develop partnerships with one North American Mission Board church plant in a Send City and one missionary from the International Mission Board.

All of these numbers are cumulative. For instance, right now we have about 180 active adult members. That is to say that if everyone who has been attending during 2019 showed up on the same Sunday, we would have 180 adults in attendance. We are talking about engaging 200 adult church members over the next five years in things like weekly prayer meeting, daily prayer and Bible reading, Sunday School and worship attendance, direct ministry to our community, and sharing their faith in Jesus. That’s 110% of our current attending membership!

Simply put, in this Next Chapter, we are redefining what it means to be a member of this church. Aren’t you excited that God is not finished writing the story of Huffman Baptist Church? And isn’t it exciting that we get to turn the page…

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