Huffman Baptist Church
Saturday, March 23, 2019

Young Adult 1

Class Descriptions
All men are invited to participate in an ongoing Bible Study which meets every Sunday in Room 210A.This study is open to serious Bible students ONLY; we begin @ 8 AM and finish @ 9 AM. Our study method is verse x verse. We include considerable cross-referencing and supporting Scripture as well as class comments/questions. As an example, our study in Genesis lasted approximately two years! The only text required is God's Holy Word. Please feel free to bring any translation you prefer.
For additional information, you may contact Rusty Chastain in person, @ 854-8172, or @
The ladies’ class in our department is a great group of women. Our class was started by Mrs. Lollie Bass, who always encouraged us to love each other and to always include everyone and make room for more. We are married, widowed, divorced, and single. Our members are varied in age and profession. Most of us work full time, but some are retired. We are a praying bunch of women, making time each week to share prayer concerns and get reports on previous prayer requests before we begin our lesson. We participate together in mission projects. While we study the Explore the Bible Sunday School curriculum, we expand it to apply it to our lives and current situations. We have dinner together once a month at local restaurants and always have a great time visiting. Some of our members serve in other departments, but join us in our projects and social outings. We can best be described as sisters by choice – a group of very lucky women where we believe any woman would feel comfortable and welcome.