Invite Someone to Church

Since the first of the year, something “new” has happened at Huffman Baptist Church. Every week we have welcomed guests to our worship services. Some have come by invitation of a church member. Others have come on their own. Most of them live in the Huffman-Roebuck area. And this past Sunday one of our guests invited someone as well. God is up to something, and I am thankful for each of them and for each of you who have invited and made our guests feel welcomed.

Sometimes we are hesitant to invite people to church. We don’t know many people who live in the community. We don’t have all of the “bells and whistles” like the First Church of What’s Happening Now. So, why should you invite someone to Huffman Baptist Church?

1. Because you come to HBC

Let’s get this one out of the way first. Many of our church members live within the community. That is to say, you live within a three-mile radius of the church. But others live further out. But no matter where you live. No matter how far you drive to get to HBC, you likely pass other churches along the way. And yet, you still gather, grow and go with HBC. Don’t assume that others living in your neighborhood won’t do the same. The reasons that keep you connected at HBC are likely just as valid for your neighbors who are searching for answers.

2. Because people are searching for answers

The unrest of the past year has left many of our friends, family and neighbors with more questions than they have answers. Consequently, many of them are open to spiritual conversations. They are looking for hope. They are looking for peace. They are looking for healing. I hope and pray that we are a place where hope, peace and healing can be found. I know that we have the answer to every question because we have Jesus.

3. Because Jesus is here

We may not have all of the shiny programs that some other churches have. But we do have the Light of the World. Jesus is here, and we make Him the main focus of everything we do. We have Jesus. And He is enough.

4. Because we preach and teach the gospel

We worship Jesus. And we teach and preach Christ crucified for the sins of the world. Buried in a borrowed tomb. Resurrected from the grave. Ascended to the right hand of the Father. And coming again in majesty and power. We teach and preach that all who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved. You should invite your friends, family and neighbors because we teach and preach the gospel.

5. Because we do things with purpose

We gather to worship. We grow in small groups. And we go to make Jesus known across the street and around the world. Many of your friends, family and neighbors are looking for purpose. They don’t see the church as a place to be entertained or kept busy. They want to make a difference. This is especially true for younger families who want their children to grow up knowing the value of serving others. It is also true for senior adults who still have much to give.

6. Because we do things well

What we lack in quantity we make up with quality. And we are constantly working to improve. From our small groups to the worship service, you can invite friends, family and neighbors without apologizing for the “church experience.”

7. Because building something is meaningful

Young adults and senior adults have this in common. We want to make a difference. I know a lady from Hoover who moved to Brooklyn, NY in her retirement in order to work with a church plant. Your friends, family and neighbors don’t have to move in order to make a difference. They can come alongside us as we become a family of churches who are sending transformed people to make Jesus known across the street and around the world.

I am praying that 2021 will be a year of growth for each of us individually and collectively. Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest” (Luke 10:2). Join me in praying for workers and inviting someone to church!